Why should I use BCF?

Looking for an advanced MVVM component? Sick of implementing change tracking, view-model synchronization, calculation or caching? Or just need a “pimped dataset”? Disappointed with computed columns or expressions?

Try “CalculationWorks BCF” - an advanced calculation engine for the Microsoft .net platform. Generate feature rich and well customizable C# (CSharp) MVVM object- and view-models with the BCF Editor. Free the developers from stupid and risky work.

CalculationWorks BCF features

Professional object- & view-models
-    transaction & subtransaction processing
-    full undo / redo
-    computed columns & properties
-    computed data-error-info (INotifyDataErrorInfo, IDataErrorInfo)
-    data-error list (errorpanel)
-    relational model
-    change notification
-    automatic model view-model synchronization
-    rich customization capabilities
-    performance optimized multistage calculation
-    BCF Library is portable now (Profile 259)
-    supports WPF & Windows Forms (winforms)

Rich designer  UI
-    real time model validation
-    wiring function parameters and source columns
-    reference libraries to use custom data-types & functions
-    replace default implementations with custom behaviors
-    add custom metadata
-    advanced code generation (modelsetup, typed model, typed viewmodel)

Curious? CalculationWorks BCF Library is FREE – even for commercial use. CalculationWorks BCF Editor is FREE for creating models with up to 5 tables.

-    Read  BCF White Paper (deutsch, english)
-    Download BCF
-    Read Getting Started
-    View Samples
-    Release Notes
-    API Documentation
-    Editor Documentation